Prepare for Open Heart Surgery II


It may seem like an obvious thing to do, but getting your body ready for surgery will make a HUGE difference.  If you have the time, embark on a smart detox program.

I followed the book version of Dr Alejandro Junger’s “Clean” program and found it to be incredibly effective and easy to do.  I drank fresh fruit juice every morning, ate a solid meal for lunch, and had a fresh vegetable juice at night.  All of the foods I consumed came from the “Elimination Diet” which excludes dairy, wheat, beef and soy as well as foods that have residual pesticides, are common allergens, foods that produce inflation or excessive acidification of the body.  It is a very well thought out list

A detox will help identify your emotional and physical triggers, habits and eating behaviors. When we eliminate toxins, encourage healthy microflora growth in our digestive tracts, and begin introducing more greens (especially in the form of fresh juices), quite often sugar cravings begin to disappear, and our bodies find a healthy balance.

The “Clean” method sends a clear message to the body to shift into detox mode by giving the bowels a rest.  With all the necessary nutrients and minerals available, the body can get on with the work of detoxification with plenty of nutrition for support.  It will have an immediate impact on your health (I permanently lost over 40 pounds!) and will go a long way toward establishing new eating habits for your recovery and beyond.

Whatever your situation or preferences, if you are facing an upcoming surgery, I strongly recommend getting your body ready.  A three week detox worked wonders for me and laid the foundation for a very rewarding recovery.