Communicating Biologically-Inspired Science

Our research group is collecting empirical data to advance biologically-inspired design, biomimicry, biomimetics, biom* — with a scientific attitude. Specifically, we are engaging in experimental philosophy of science and probing for opportunities to increase awareness and accelerate adoption of biom* in the business community.

Please contribute your unique perspective and help build a scientific basis for design inspired by Nature.

Take the Enviromental Attitudes Survey This survey explores your attitudes about the environment, complexity, and preferred communication styles.

Take the Philosophical Attitudes Survey This survey probes your philosophical commitments about truth, nature, and how you view or practice science.

Take the Cognitive Styles Survey This survey provides a landscape of your unique cognitive styles and decision making preferences.

Compare your profile with the general responses after you take the surveys! As our database grows, we’ll update and customize the results summary as interesting trends emerge.

Let us know if you want to follow this work, help, or contribute.

Learn more about our project –> Philosophical Attitudes about Science

Robinson, “Experimental Philosophy of Science and Philosophical Differences across the Sciences”:

Boschetti, Assessing attitudes and cognitive styles of stakeholders in environmental projects involving computer modelling