Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

A bit belated, but I wanted to say Waje Guru! to my fellow Kundalini yoga teacher friends. After 220+ hour professional certification, instruction, months of Sadhana’s at 6am, developing our own curriculum, teaching classes, a gruelling exam and then some, Guru Singh bestowed upon us the honor of being Kundalini Yoga Teachers.

The format of the training was brilliant, Sada Simran arranged for us the Laurelhurst Community Center where we met over extended weekends for 9 months. Guru Singh was the lead trainer and kept the standards high. I made many meaningful connections with classmates and continue to derive great benefit from having a comprehensive framework within which to understand and practice yoga.

Kundalini yoga is a bridge from the wisdom of ancient spiritual practice to modern living. It keeps whole the human and guides the practitioner through kriyas designed to induce specific benefits and effects. Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bajan combines motion, mantra and meditation and is meant to be practiced by the ordinary person. Classes are unique and fun and there is a power that comes from practicing with others. Best of all, the kriyas and meditations are easily learned and practiced at home and becomes a part of every day life.

Sat Nam!