Surgery at the Cleveland Clinic

My health valve replacement surgery was performed at the Cleveland Clinic by Dr Bruce Lytle.  The experience was exceptional: Lab tests, physical exams, the surgery itself, ICU and my general care could not have been better.

It’s not surprising, the Cleveland Clinic Cardiovascular Surgery Department is highly regarded among professionals and patients alike.  They perform 100s of valve replacement surgeries every year.

I was fortunate to have the time and opportunity to plan my surgery to be at the Cleveland Clinic.

I am deeply grateful to Dr Roy Greenberg for steering me in the direction of the Cleveland Clinic and Dr Lytle specifically.  I’d known Dr Greenberg professionally for a number of years prior to my surgery.  At the 2007 Cleveland Clinic Stent summit that he took the time to listen to my personal story.  He asked questions and eventually explained to me about dP/dt and, I was taking the wrong medication!  On the spot, and between sessions at the conference, he conferred with his colleagues and offered an alternative medication and dosage.