Generic Balloon Expandable Stent

The ASTM F.04.30.06 undertook an inter-laboratory study for axial fatigue testing of a generic, stainless steel balloon expandable stent. We were interested in resolving differences based on the type of grips used in the fatigue testing.

The gStent-BE is optimized to be a standardized test stent.  It has a symmetric design providing more uniform deformation and reinforced ends for secure attachment during fatigue testing.

The image in the left is a high speed photograph provided by Brian Choules of MED Institute. Brian also authored the fatigue test protocol that we used to guide our inter-laboratory study, which you can download here (AxialFatigueProtocol). The protocol has options for using either “hard” or “soft” grips.

Most of the laboratories ended up using “soft” grips. High speed video was helpful in resolving motion/measurement anomalies.  (Dynamic motion video).