Detox Supplements

I’ve not strayed far from the Elimination Diet since my first detox, more than one year ago.  Throughout my recovery, I’ve enjoyed eating clean, wholesome food.  Featured in the photograph are the supplements I typically use during a detox.

I take dietary fiber and acidopholous “pearls” and a multi-vitamen every day in the morning, even when I am not on a detox.  When I have one handy, I also take a digestive enzyme before every meal.  During a detox, I do the fiber twice a day and add some form of liver cleansing supplement.  Essential oils of peppermint, oregano and garlic are also very nice to include to help establish healthy intestinal flora.  Tri-chromium can optionally be used during a detox for softening your cravings.

Drink LOTS of water during a detox and remember that coconut oil, coconut butter and coconut milk are your best friends!