Finite Element Optimization of Medical Implants

Finite Element Analysis is an excellent engineering tool for optimizing medical implants.  It provides a fast and reliable method for evaluating both the performance and safety issues associated with any given product.  A variety of design concepts can be evaluated and relative safety factors determined for the full size range of an intended product.

Parametric studies are conveniently carried out and relative improvements in performance are clearly distinguished in objective engineering terms.  Interactions of the device with the human body can be performed and can incorporate bench, animal and human data to improve predictive capabilities.  Self-consistent methodology provides a rational foundation to make improvements on existing technology.

Advances in mechanical testing, materials selection and processing continue to provide more choices for the design and implementation of existing and new concepts for minimally invasive medical therapies.  Finite Element Analysis provides the capability to keep up with these changes and offers an ideal methodology to minimize risk, shorten development time and increase confidence in the development of life saving technology.