ASTM Axial Fatigue of Stent

This work is related to an ASTM F04.30.06 subcommittee activity to develop a standard based on the Fatigue to Fracture methodology. The idea of testing to fracture, surprising as it may sound, is only recently gaining acceptance in the medical community.

You can download here an updated analysis where we corrected the geometry for the stent to match dimensional measurements provided by Brian Choules. We believe these results are more reliable as the dimensional corrections were significant.

You can download our original presentation that Dr. Paul and I prepared for the ASTM F04.30.06 task group where we worked with Brian Choules and others to predict the fracture of generic stent designs under axial fatigue loading.

You can also download an animation showing the strains in a balloon expandable stent during axial fatigue.

This work is being extended by the task group under the leadership of my friend and colleague X-Y Gong as the Fatigue to Fracture (FtF) initiative.