The definitive source for information on intrapreneuring is the Pinchot & Company web site. I particularly recommend their great books (Intrapreneuring in Action is very concise and an excellent introduction to Intrapreneuring), and the following articles are worth reading:

Free Intraprise explains how the intrapreneur’s success¬†depends on the environment that she is working in, including appropriate motivation, tolerance for appropriate risk taking and support for achieving visions that are aligned with shared principles.

Ecology and Business Success describes how corporate entities are ultimately dependent on their very real connections to natural systems and how anticipating the impact of resource limitations is a strategic opportunity for companies that have the integrity and vision to focus on the long term.

The Gift Economy is a brilliant appreciation of how there is more to gain when we eschew the notion of “zero sum economics” and focus instead on the potential of compassion and support in all of our human endeavors.